Near the midpoint of the Upper Peninsula, along a Lake Michigan bend of shore, is the town of Manistique, Michigan. Mark had never heard of Manistique before the death of his estranged aunt, but as sole beneficiary of Vivian’s estate, he travels there to settle her affairs. As Mark tours his aunt’s house for the first time, the doorbell rings.

Days after graduating medical school, Dr. Emily Davis drives north, struggling with her illicit rendezvous on Mackinac Island. She never makes it—on the highway near Manistique, her car collides with a deer, shattering the car’s windshield. Stranded for the night, Emily is directed to a nearby bed and breakfast.

Maybe it’s a heady reaction, the revelation that his aunt, an international aid doctor, ran a bed and breakfast in retirement. Or perhaps he plainly feels pity for the young, helpless doctor. Regardless, Mark decides to play host for one night, telling Emily that he’s merely stepping in temporarily while his aunt is away.

As a one-night stay turns into another and more guests arrive, the ersatz innkeeper steadily loses control of his story. And though Emily opens up to Mark, she has trouble explaining the middle-aged man who unexpectedly arrives at the doorstep looking for her. 

Will these two strangers, holding on to unraveling secrets, remain in town long enough to discover the connection between them?



"Set in small-town Michigan, Stuck in Manistique is an unconventional novel that is both entertaining and cathartic. Dennis Cuesta's quirky and atmospheric novel, Stuck in Manistique strikes a perfect balance between lighthearted fun and heartrending emotion. . . .The book's twists and turns are original, putting new spins on tropes and archetypal characters." -Foreword Clarion Review

“Two troubled lives intersect in a novel combining cozy mystery, comedy, and reflections on fractured relationships. . . .A hypnotic tale of family secrets that also features delightfully silly humor.”-Kirkus

"Death changes everything. But when one door closes, another opens. Stuck in Manistique  details the process of these doors opening and of being both stuck and unstuck, and is a delightful read of changed lives, purposes and connections that offers hope and imparts a positive feel about life's twists, turns, ironies and the power of serendipity. . . .separate stories [wind] into a fun entwined set of experiences with a light thread of humor overlaying all." -D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Coincidences and misapprehensions contribute to the madcap humor, but this is also a story of self-discovery. . . Perfect for readers who enjoy quirky characters in small-town settings.” -Booklist